Easy Way to Obtain Veterinary Technician Certification

To obtain a vet tech certification is as easy as ABC. Is it true? What is the secret?

Before sitting for Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE), it is compulsory for the candidates to submit the proof of graduation from their veterinary schools to American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) for approval. They will then be allowed to sit for the exam.

Here are some useful approaches to gain the certification in an easier manner:

o Always look for opportunities to enhance your clinical skills

You are advised to look for opportunities to expose yourself more to the real world. Grab the opportunities as many as possible through the lab practice and on the job training to learn the clinical skills such as first aid, emergency care, anatomy, routine care, surgical preparation, etc.

o Always look for ways to increase your knowledge in animal health care

You should always explore new knowledge in the related areas such as animal health and welfare, reproduction, veterinary technology, veterinary facility management, animal parasitological, animal anatomy and physiology, pharmaceutical, etc.

o Keep yourself updated with the latest technology and innovation

It is important for you to spend your time in reading different types of materials related to animals’ health issues and the researches done. It is also useful if you are able to keep yourself updated with the latest innovation such as newly invented equipments and instruments for surgical procedures

The candidates need to pass through the examination with the score of at least 70%. After getting the result, they must contact the licensing authority where they plan to work with to find out the requirements and procedures set by the state regulatory in order to obtain the license or certification.

After getting the certification, it is time for the newly graduated vet techs to start practicing the skills they have learnt under the close supervision of a licensed veterinarian. The journey as a vet tech begins here. The working life will be filled with challenges and fun.